SHARE : The window of the Turkish home textile Industry opening to the world

The Turkish home textile industry, which is one of the most important export items of Turkey and makes a great contribution to the country's economy, will now meet on a new portal.

The portal, implemented by the Turkish Home Textile Industry and Business Association (TETSIAD), the umbrella organization of our country's home textiles, will bring our country's exporters together with the world easily and quickly.

The concept of e-commerce, which has become the center of our lives with developing Technologies and especially the pandemic, has made both our lives and business processes much easier today.

Digitalized trade has become very valuable not only for buyers but also for exporters exporting to all over the world. Based on this, TETSIAD has prepared a portal consisting of a comprehensive and wide service network for the leading manufacturers of the sector.


The home textile industry, which exports to 180 countries and increases its export performance every year, has products that have become brands in the world. The Turkish home textile industry, which is a brand in the world with "Turkish Home Textile”, stands out with its fast supply infrastructure besides its high quality and fast production. TETSIAD also aims to carry this global success of the sector even higher with the portal, and to bring together manufacturers in Turkey with buyers in the global arena.

Producers of tulle, curtains, curtain accessories, curtain systems with mechanism, upholstery fabric, bathroom textiles, bedding group, kitchen group, carpet/rug/runner, fiber/yarn, wallpaper and many home textile product group products can be contacted with buyers all over the world through this portal. will meet on this platform.

It will be able to reach new markets faster. The portal, which currently provides free service, will be able to become a member first, and then upload their products to the site. Turkish home textile manufacturers will have the opportunity to promote their companies and products in the global arena after the products they upload to the portal.